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Welcome to the online platform for the Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) community in India.

GUE India is a non-profit association, and our website aims to offer information about the GUE diving philosophy, available GUE courses & instructors in India, articles, and contact information to be informed about the latests GUE education, conservation and exploration projects in India.

Please don't hesitate to contact us on for any question regarding the philosophy, training, and diving projects of our community - we are happy to take new, like-minded divers on-board, and to discuss any project aligned with our core values.


Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) is not "yet another" diving certification agency. It's a community of divers built around a unique diving philosophy.


Diving is a team sport - and while every diver should be self-reliant and possess all the skills, knowledge, experience and equipment required to carry out the dive, being part of a team is what makes a dive not only safer and more fun, but also allows to reach an efficiency needed for more ambitious and aggressive dives.


Diving is a sport - a sufficient level of fitness is not only required to be able to deal with the physical stress of the dive and the surrounding logistics, it's also key to be a reliable team member on which team mates can count in an emergency. In the same spirit being a non-smoker is mandatory.


Commit to excellence: a continuous training and practice are needed to constantly improve as a diver and team member, by gather knowledge, experience and tools while honing our diving skills. Not being satisfied with "approximate" answers, and aiming for the highest standards possible in terms of skills and knowledge - bring your diving to the next level.


We often say that we are what we eat - as divers, we are what we breath. Using appropriate standard gases is key to ensure simple yet efficient planing, but also to maximize safety and comfort - we therefore introduce helium-based mixes much earlier to allow for more efficient mission execution.


Begin with the end in mind: in order to achieve excellent skills allowing for complex dive execution down the line, a solid skills platform should be cultivated from the start. Buoyancy, trim, balance, positioning, propulsion and a a standardized, streamlined yet modular equipment configuration are key.


Bridging the gap between diving education and actual diving is one of the things we strive for. Training hard along well-thought principles and methods gives us the tools to apply our skills to the most exciting and meaningful possible area: exploration and conservation. As a community, we create and encourage projects in these three areas.


Global Underwater Explorers is a community of divers committed to excellence - but it also a state-of-the-art education system aiming for the efficient training of such divers. A global approach beginning with the end in mind: from the start, you will be prepared for the more challenging dives awaiting you down the road.

The GUE Fundamentals course is by far GUE’s most popular program. It functions as a gateway into GUE training and it is an excellent way to personally experience what GUE is all about. Some divers use the Fundamentals course as a way to improve on the less-than-optimal training they have received during traditional fast-track entry-level courses. Others see the course as a ticket to participate in GUE projects and activities. Many technical divers and even experienced instructors from other organizations use the course to improve basic skills and gain access to GUE’s cave and tech-training.

Venturing into more advanced underwater environments is very often related to longer times and greater depths. To be able to safely extend both, divers need to increase their available breathing gas volume and add equipment redundancy. The GUE Doubles Primer is a non-certification course designed to teach divers how to safely and comfortably dive a double tank configuration using proper equipment and techniques. Anyone interested in making the transition from single tank to doubles will benefit from this class. It is highly recommended to anyone who is intending to take GUE Fundamentals class and who has no previous doubles experience

If you want to spend more time in-water by extending bottom times, increasing depth, or simply diving in colder climates this course is for you. But diving a dry suit also makes a lot of sense in tropical climates to maintain a constant volume and perfect weighting throughout the dive... GUE’s Drysuit Primer is a non-certification course designed to prepare divers for drysuit diving using proper equipment and techniques.

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A selection of articles and posts offering more details about current projects by GUE India members, as well as informative content regarding the Global Underwater Explorers' philosophy, principles, and diving methods.

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